If you are looking for a good personal finance app that you can use to control your money, you might wonder what the best one would be to suit your purposes. You have numerous options. But, not all of them will serve you well. So, how do you tell a good personal finance app from a bad or mediocre one? Here are four key characteristics to look for.

Account Aggregation

You need your personal finance app to aggregate ALL your financial information in one place. Whether it is a checking account, a savings account, a credit card, and the like… All of them need to be reflected and monitored in your app. Your entire financial profile needs to be accessible in an instant.

Budget Tools and Real-Time Spending

If your app doesn’t help you budget and monitor your spending, what exactly is it doing for you? These are the key functionalities of a good app. You want easy-to-use budget tools that can help you take the reins of your budget at a glance. You also need to be able to monitor your spending – in real-time, purchase-by-purchase.

Alerts and Projections

Do you want to never miss a bill payment? Do you want to receive an alert every time you spend or payment falls due? Do you want sophisticated algorithms that project your saving and spending habits far into the future so you can plan for the long term? This is what a really good finance app should offer.


Finance can be complicated at times. But, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it shouldn’t be. If any app has an interface that is difficult to understand or keep control of, don’t use it. A good finance app should also be extremely simple to use and understand.

CalendarBudget is a comprehensive and easy-to-use personal finance app that ticks all of these boxes and will help you manage your spending and saving. Download the app now or contact us for more information.