No this is not about bonuses or pay raises

It’s about an idea I read about recently to help overcome procrastination. We all know procrastination is evil. It robs us of the benefits of proper prioritization, wastes time and since time is money, procrastination wastes money

Here’s the idea:

Write down your specific goal with a clear deadline on it on a cue card. Paper clip a $2 bill (or $5 if you are really adventurous). If you complete the task by or before the deadline, you get to take that money and spend it on yourself for a treat. But here’s the kicker… if you don’t complete it by the deadline – tear up the $2 bill and throw it out. Its a token of your wasted time (time=money). The book reports that even the worst procrastinator won’t miss more than 2 deadlines after this

I suppose the real trick would be actually following through with the self-threat. But if you really do – I’m sure you’d be meeting all sorts of deadlines, increase your productivity, and likely increase your overall net-worth as you accomplish more

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!