A career as a student often begins with a loan from the government, parents or some other generous friend. If not they may have been one of the lucky ones that have a scholarship or have been able to plan ahead and save for their education. Either way, money is tight during life as a student and quite a large thing to wrap your head around while trying to keep up with studies.

Managing your money right from the beginning will give students a step ahead financially when their student career is complete.

School’s Financial Aid Offices are there to help students, not only to get their government loans but also to help students understand their finances and to make wise choices in managing their money. The Financial Aid Officer will help you walk through a budget based on your savings, income, and expenses. They can also help you make a plan of how to stay on track and avoid debt where possible.

For those that like to manage their finances on their own, try CalendarBudget.

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