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    • Eric Poulin
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      We are planning a number of video tutorials (Help–>Video Tutorials) and some answers to common questions (Help–>FAQ) in the CalendarBudget interface.
      If you are having difficulty (or had difficulty) learning a feature of CalendarBudget, or think a specific tutorial would be helpful, please comment about it here.
      We’ll use this forum thread as a basis for building our tutorials.

      A few suggestions I’ve already received:

      • Getting started entering account balances when you create multiple accounts
      • Setting up Budgets
    • Obelix
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      How about making one for power users hitting some of the non-obvious features.  Although I have to say, most of your features are fairly obvious and easily noticed.  The one thing that came to mind was dragging an entry to a different date.   Maybe you could work that into one of the basic ones about editing an entry.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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