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    • frugalcoconut
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      I just deleted one of my bank accounts in Account Setup and it asked me to which remaining bank account I wanted to transfer all of the transaction history.  This is fine … except that, when transferred over, those transactions from the old account are not differentiated from the entries in the still-active account.  I prefer that it would have also asked if I wanted to type in a short label to preface all of those past transactions from the old account … this way I could type in “[OldBankName]” and a sample moved transaction would appear as “[OldBankName] – Paycheck” or “[OldBankName]: Paycheck” or something of that nature.

    • Eric Poulin
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      I have on my todo list to be able to actually “delete” those entries, not just transfer them to another account. 
      When each account had its own categories, when deleting an account I would create a new category in the target account called “Transferred from Account X”.  Would it be better to preface each entry name, of put them all into a new category (then you’d lose all your categorization). 

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