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I think I submitted a feature request like this at some point in the past. To me there are really three states for transactions in CalendarBudget:

  1. Planned / Scheduled
  2. Paid
  3. Completed / Cleared

This is such a fundamental need that, personally, I just mock the behavior by using text prefixes for all of my scheduled transactions to indicate the difference. For example, I can have something like: “** Electric: $100” recurring monthly, which then becomes “Electric: $87.65” when I get the actual bill, and finally tag it with “cleared” when the transaction has cleared the bank.

I also use a text prefix and a dedicated category for transfers — especially for end-of-year accounting, those have to be treated totally differently from regular transactions.

The benefit of having using the text prefixing, too, is that it sorts the transactions — all the scheduled transactions, regular transactions, and transfers are grouped together, and that is something that I find extremely useful. If more robust status settings were baked in, that would be awesome, but I would definitely want to have the ability to have them grouped in this way.