My Dad is a man who loves quotes. “First comes the work, then comes the fun.” was one I heard often.

The work involved with getting money is not only the making of it through your employment, but other work is involved too.

Here is some other work we have done to “make money”:

  • make and stick to a budget
  • make a plan for the future
  • invest to make our money grow
  • always be looking for opportunities to do/get more for yourself
  • we live by a rule we read in The Millionaire Next Door, “create an artificial environment of scarcity”
    • this rule has given us some freedom by seeing our debt paid down faster and already living a stricter level of low spending means extra savings available for when things get a bit tighter
  • be aware of others in need and give what you can to help (sometimes education, sometimes your time, sometimes your talent/ability, maybe even a few dollars)

As my husband and I put these things to practice we have less stress when it comes to money and so we are freer to have fun with the simple things in life.  Also, we’ll have our debts paid off while we’re still kinda young and so be able to enjoy “the fruits of our labours”… the fun things in life.

What work have you done to make more money available to you for the fun things in life?