Is this pushing regifting to the extreme?

While cleaning out our food storage area tonight, I noticed a (rather large) stash of Hallowe’en candy that we separated from the rest. We always do this at Hallowe’en to ration the amount of candy our kids have at once. This year (like years past) we forgot about the stash since we rarely go to the food storage area. Now that Christmas is upon us, here’s my devious plan…

Use most or all of that candy as part of the kids’ gifts/stocking stuffers. It will save us between$30-$50 easily. Our kids never knew that we kept some of the candy apart from the rest anyway, so it’s perfect. They are young enough to not know better.

It’s perfect I tell you, PERFECT!!! MUAA HA HA ha ha haaaaaaaa.!!!

[dashing off into the night with a black cape and bag full of candy]