CalendarBudget personal budget software helps you support your community and plan for future expenses, especially those wedding and baby showers.

I have found myself with a few wedding and baby showers (then the wedding and arrival of the new baby) to attend during this year. This past week I had two of the wedding showers to attend. I am part of a community that likes to support each other and love any excuse to get us women together for a time to socialize. You may find yourself with a number of these showers to attend and watch the costs add up with each new shower to attend.

For one of the showers, I was able to find a high-quality set of dishes (I want to get a set for myself) with a beautiful pattern. I found them at our local Dollarama. So for a set of 4 mugs, 4 bowls, 4 plates, and a large mixing bowl, I paid just under $15. The bride to be was very pleased with the gift.

I was very pleased to find something I like of high quality, but an added bonus was that it won’t have a major impact on my budget with the number of other gifts I will be purchasing this year.

Personal budget software and wise shopping lowers the impact on your budget

I have found that the Dollar Store is a great place for craft supplies, puzzles (my kids are puzzle maniacs), balls, party supplies and other small toys for the kids. It has also helped furnish a great number of my kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, and house decorations/candles. Not all of the items are of high quality at the Dollar Store, but if you shop with this in mind and give each item a quick inspection, you will find many great treasures there for a fraction of the price of the major department stores.

Where have you shopped to find great gifts/treasures for a fraction of the price to have a lower impact on your budget?

Budget programs such as CalendarBudget discourages impulse buying with a visual of the downstream effects of each purchase you make. Contact us for personal budget software that shows you how to lower the impact of social expenses on your budget.