Unfamiliar with online budgeting tools, eager to join the workforce and skip the post-secondary education to have money in your pocket?

According to census data compiled by HighBeam Research, They say “Get educated. A college education always pays for itself and more. In 2004, bachelor’s degree holders earned an average of $51,206 per year, while high school graduates earned only $27,915

Paying for an education can be costly upfront, but pays off in the long run. At one time, who you know made a big difference to land you a decent job. Now it may help you to get your foot in the door, but what you know from your education and experience will have a higher impact on whether or not you get the job.

Use post-secondary education and online budgeting tools to improve your finances

Some non-monetary things I gained/learned from my post-secondary education:

  • knowledge in the field of Computer Science (computer programing/web development)
  • higher confidence level because I completed the education and a lifetime goal
  • sense of achievement
  • greater organization skills
  • a larger network of friends for contacts/references when needed
  • example for others, especially my children
  • a higher level of thinking/reasoning that has been carried over to other areas of my life
  • many transferable skills to be used throughout life (writing/studying/implementing ideas or plans/public speaking skills improved)

I always wanted to have a post-secondary education, but when the time came I found it quite difficult to decide what field of study to go into. I ended up choosing the same field as my then finance, computer science (ended up benefiting our relationship as well). I graduated and 3 weeks later had our first child, so I didn’t go into the work field right away, but I was able to give him feedback every now and then to help him figure out some of the more difficult parts of the code. We have gone further to now have our own business and work well together. My education has helped me to afford to stay home with my 5 children and work here and there on our business when I’m needed. It also allows my husband to be home more with our family

The statistics as stated by the HighBeam Research has stood true with our experience individually and as a couple and will prove to be even greater as time goes on.

Bureau of the Census (US) put out a report as well showing statistically the difference in income based on the level of education.

Have you found a financial improvement in your life after having a post-secondary education?

Money management software such as CalendarBudget provides bank-level security, as post-secondary education will provide financial security. Contact us if you need online budgeting tools.