Power Spending: Getting More For Less was nominated for a Global eBook Award. Amazing!

This awards competition considers hundreds of eBooks in all types of categories. Power Spending has been nominated in the Non-Fiction – Finance/Investment/Wealth category.

With many other excellent books on personal finance around, why has Power Spending been nominated?

Co-author Carolyn Johnston says, “We really wanted to create a book that made learning about personal finance fun! So many other books on this topic are dry and hard to get through.”

“Yes,” adds Eric Poulin, another co-author of the book. “We provide practical advice in an easy to understand way. Everyone knows they should do better with their finances – we show them how.”

Robin Poulin, the 3rd co-author says, “It truly is an honor to be nominated. We put this book together to show how anyone can make simple changes in their life to improve their money situation. Families desperately need this info!”

Yes, they do Robin. One of the main causes of family and marital discontent is money-related problems. And as the authors explain in Power Spending, it has nothing to do with not earning enough money – it’s all about how you use your money  – and Power Spending teaches how to make the most of your money.

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