As any wealthy entrepreneur or high and mighty executive at a large corporation can tell you, growth and success is all about networking. Adding a personal finance app such as CalendarBudget to manage your finances will also promote growth and financial success.

If you are working at a job and want to climb the corporate ladder, you have to make connections to get noticed. Being great at what you do is only part of the game – you have to make your face seen and get noticed.

If you are an entrepreneur, you know better than most that no one can be an island and be successful. You MUST network and socialize and talk to people to get things done, to make sales and to prosper.

Now, that’s a real problem for those of us who are shy. It seems unfair that those who are naturally outgoing seem pre-destined for success in reaching the top. But, the shy can also reach the top. Yes, we need to break out of our shell somewhat, but it’s easier than you may think. Many people are shy because they feel inadequate, unable to make small talk or contribute to a broad conversation. Well, who said the conversation needs to be broad? There is nothing wrong with talking about your area of expertise as an opener. Its something you should be comfortable with and generally, others will be interested in hearing about a topic that you are passionate about. From that beginning, other topics will naturally evolve and the conversation is going – piece of cake. Now Mr./Mrs. Entrepreneur, you’ve established yourself as an expert and made a contact even if you are shy and hate small talk.

If you are really shy – find a good friend or colleague who is not shy and partner up with them. Let them be your voice. Take the example of Moses from the bible who had Aaron, his brother speak for him. No one questions that Moses was the leader, but Aaron made the big speeches and dialog in tough spots. Its a sign of a wise individual who knows his/her weakness and seeks to address it, even if it’s through another person.

In my case, I’m a very capable communicator but am naturally shy. I just tend to keep to myself. Perhaps it’s so many thousands of hours behind my computer writing code alone…. perhaps its something else – whatever the case, I find it uncomfortable to socialize, even though I can do it fairly well. So how do I overcome it? Sometimes I just grit my teeth and do it because it needs to be done. More often, I partner with someone who is not shy and they become my executive arm. This often takes the form of Robin, my wife, who is a natural socializer.

The important idea here is to realize that you cannot attain significant wealth without networking. It’s a must. We need other people to build wealth. So get out there and let people see you shine.

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