Teaching children to use a personal finance app such as CalendarBudget will prepare them for the working world as young professionals.  This makes the working world less scary than that first day in a new grade.

I have 5 daughters – all in primary school. Today we brought them to school for their first day in a new grade. One of my daughters, an identical twin, began crying as she realized that she would be “on her own” (they put my twins in different classes this year). Mother comforted her and a friend helped bring her to class. I know she’ll get over it, but it’s still painful to see. 

It made me think of how youth must feel after years of the comfort of living with parents who are in their later years of career growth and income. They grow accustomed to the lifestyle of having most of what they want. Then they get out on their own. Perhaps it’s the first year at university or they get married and get their own place to live. All of a sudden that economic boost from mom and dad is gone and the reality of “being alone financially” hits them. Many run back for help, crying.

We have a responsibility, as parents, to teach our children what to expect and not lull them into a carnal sense of carnal security, only to have it shattered when they move on. Yes, we want to give them things, but they must be prepared for their future also – with expectations, with financial education and with lots and lots of love.

What do you do to prepare your kids for the inevitable future?

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