5 Ways to Use Your Budget Calculator to go on Your Dream Vacation 

Work and home life can sometimes be stressful, which is why everyone needs to get away for a while. Whether you have a family or living a solo life, planning a vacation to help you relax at least once a year is key to a balanced life! That’s why CalendarBudget has collected some insightful tips here for using your budget calculator to plan your dream vacation! 

  1. Determine What Your Dream Vacation Will Cost

First, before diving into the planning stage, you’ll need to do a bit of research using your budget calculator to determine what your dream vacation will cost. Then, set up a working budget and stick to it. When determining the cost of your vacation, be sure to be comprehensive and include everything possible, even souvenirs and miscellaneous money for emergencies or unexpected expenses. 

  1. Separate the “Needs” from the “Wants” 

When it comes to what you can afford, it’s important to consider what you’ll need on your vacation compared to the extras. After all, you want to make sure you can have a good time while still able to afford your trip without racking up debt. So always determine what you can afford before making decisions. 

  1. Further Trim Expenses Using Your Budget Calculator 

A budget calculator is a great tool to find ways to trim your expenses further. Add those extra savings to boost your vacation fund. Additionally, using your budget will help you identify gaps between the trip you want and the one you can afford, enabling you to delay or tweak your plans until you can afford it. 

  1. Satisfy Vacation Cravings by Getting Creative 

To save money until it’s time to go on vacation, find creative ways you can satisfy your wanderlust or need for relaxation. For example, taking weekend outings or day trips to places nearby you’ve never explored can be a great way to keep busy until your dream vacation. Or plan a staycation with friends to relax and do whatever you want for a week or long weekend. 

  1. Save on Trip Expenses 

There are several ways to cut down on expenses when it comes to traveling. Try things like packing your food and snacks or using value transportation. Research if there are more affordable ways to make your vacation budget stretch as far and long as possible.

Bonus: Don’t Live Below Your Privilege

Be aware of all of the perks and bonuses that come with any vacation packages or places for lodging. Don’t be like this fictional character that almost missed out on all of the perks that came with their dream vacation on a cruise. They looked for ways to save money by living on canned meat and soda crackers the whole trip. They realized on the final night that all the entertainment and meals were included in the cruise package price. Read the fine print and research possible add-ons that could come with any place you look to vacation.

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