Have you been looking for a great personal finance app to help you take control of your income and spending? You don’t need to look any further than CalendarBudget. Here are five reasons why this is the best personal finance app you will find anywhere.

Track Your Money Day-by-Day

Financial planners have long advised that we should keep track of our finances using a calendar. This enables us to follow our spending and income on a daily basis and, thus, maintain tighter control. CalendarBudget follows this model, making an easy-to-use and accurate tool that requires no complicated software, spreadsheets or ledgers.

Never Miss a Bill

You won’t miss a single bill payment because CalendarBudget will send you reminders and alerts whenever one becomes due. You won’t even have to think about it. Just let the app remind you on the go.

Foster Good Spending Habits

CalendarBudget tracks your spending – day-by-day and purchase-by-purchase. It then creates future projections on the basis of your current habits. You can see what the result of today’s spending will be for your overall finances one day, one month or even two years from now.

Plan for Your Financial Future

With these projections in place, you have the tools you need to work towards your financial future. You can gain insight into your spending patterns and adjust them as needed. You can project your income, saving, and spending patterns to get a good forecast of what your financial position will be in the future. You can then plan your spending and credit usage as necessary.

Access Your Financial Information – Anywhere and Anytime

With CalendarBudget, you don’t need to log into your banking app or open a spreadsheet or bank statement to access your financial information. You can access all you need to know on the spot. Your finances are at your fingertips all day, every day.

Download the CalendarBudget personal finance app now to take control of your financial future, or contact us for more information.