My last bank used to have this feature included in their online banking and changed it, so it didn’t work the same and I have been looking for a replacement ever since. I really didn’t want to pay a subscription fee or have an online based application, so I both purchased apps and did many free trials before I found CalendarBudget. I was very disappointed and frustrated by this time and decided to give the free trial a shot. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made regarding my finances. I used the free trial for the maximum amount of time available and was so impressed that I paid for the year. The app is really easy to set up and maintain and has made it so easy to keep track of my finances and keep me on budget. I can quickly and see months ahead if I need to watch my spending to stay on track or how much I can put in savings and still stay within budget. This is truly a great app and I very highly recommend it to anyone looking to keep track of their finances easily and accurately. They are frequently improving features and adding new ways to make it more efficient and user friendly, I just cannot say enough how impressed I am in the last few months of using this app.