We bought a Nintendo Wii as an early family Christmas present. Its been TONS of fun so far. Here are my Wii-learned lessons about money.

  1. Get off the couch and play. If you want your finances to be in order, you have to get off the proverbial couch and start actually looking at your numbers. You may hurt for the first week or so while you get used to it, but it’ll be for your benefit.
  2. Playing the same game all the time is boring – have some variety and get really good at the games you have. While considering your money you need a budgeting tool (such as CalendarBudget), diversified investments, bank accounts, long-term goals, etc. You can’t just hide your money in one bank account and consider yourself set. Your options will be limited, and you won’t be where you want to be.
  3. Play to win. Financially, set goals and keep working until you meet those goals. If you fall down, get off track, or whatever… get back up, reset and get back on track. Don’t give up until your goal is met.
  4. Playing Wii Fit makes you feel good about your self (except when that little animated Wii board says your overweight…. why I otta [shaking fist]….). You feel good because you’re exercising while playing games. Make your finances like that. Set short term goals you can work towards and celebrate when you achieve your goals. Reward your self with a small treat, or make room in your budget for that next item on your wish list.
  5. Sometimes the extra attachments are worth it, sometimes they are not. You can play most games without special attachments and extensions to the regular Wii remote.. but not always. And often, settling for basic remote can make the game less interesting. However, sometimes the accessory extension is just not worth the money.

Who knew the Wii could teach so many things :)

What have you learned?