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Eric Poulin
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Well we do need an end date… here’s why.
Unlike Google Calendar, which just needs to track dates and an associated title, I need to account for dollar amounts that add up through the months.
In Google Calendar, when you create an entry (with or without and end date), I imagine the backend just creates 1 database entry describing the repeat options.  Then when you load a particular month, Google checks any entries marked as repeating and seeing is they should show this month.  Easy enough…
However, for CalendarBudget, I not only need to determine where to show it, but I need to add up all of the values of preceeding entries to incorporate with month’s starting balance.  So, in CalendarBudget, when you create a repeating entry, I have to create a database entry for each and every instance you see in the calendar.  If you create weekly entry for 2 years, that 104 database entries in CalendarBudget. 

So – For that reason, I need to know how far into the future to create these entries.
Does the 5 year default seems too far out?  Would 2 years (or some other number) make more sense?