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Eric Poulin
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Firstly, our goal is to make CalendarBudget as easy to use as possible, so I’m really nit-picky about details, especially when it comes to user interface.  I think I’d want to keep the category list budgets and the current dominant month always in synch. 

We’ll still have the problem that when scrolled half way through a month, its possible that 1-2 weeks of the current month are no longer visible – thus the category highlights will be misrepresented somewhat.  However – to a degree we already have this problem when you have more transactions in any given day that can be shown without a mouseover.  In this case, any transactions that fall below the cell bottom border are also not visible. So solutions to this are either

  • leave it as is – its not really that bad and its kind of obvious that the month is not completely visible
  • put some kind of indicator beside the category in the sidebar indicating that not all entries are currently showing

Any preference?  We considered the second option anyway for the “too many transactions in a day to see everything” scenario.