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Speaking for myself:

1. The new feature is pleasant to use.

2. the one thing that surprised me was that bank reconciliation doesn’t work once you split — I expected the split transactions to “remember” where they’d come from and let you reconcile to the original amount, but instead they simply don’t match at all. Hmm. Not optimal. To work around this, I only split after about a week, and I don’t reconcile further back than that… But I’m expecting that to fail any day now, since another thing that can make reconciliation confusing is repeating events where the actual transaction posts late (or doesn’t post at all) so the fake (unreconciled) event appears in the past.

Reconciliation is _hard_ when there are “fake” events on the calendar — because unreconciled events look exactly the same as reconciled ones. Perhaps there might be a better way to display things? Would it be possible to add an icon to events during reconciliation so that it’s possible to quickly see the unreconciled ones?