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that sounds like a good way to handle it.  Kind of elegant in forcing a check for unpaid rather than paid. lets people who don’t use the check/indicator ignore the whole issue.  Would you allow a user setting that automatically checked all entries as unpaid when they were entered?  That would allow those who wanted to use it to generate entries that would be auto marked as unpaid instead of having to manually do it.  Or the alternative is to only mark those that are older than today’s date.  Of course then you would have to have an extra setting that declared a transaction had specifically occurred so that old accounts would’t get remarked as unpaid the next time a reevaluation of entries was run to detect entries older than today.

As to the duplicate entry amounts,  I actually had that exact thing happen to me the day after I posted that.  I had bought 2 different items from 2 different thrift stores.  both marked at $25+tax.  One check came through before the thanksgiving holiday.  the other didn’t.  I had to look at the check images to see which one cleared so I could adjust the calendarbudget entries to match.

Anyways, thanks for all your hard work.