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A universal mobile webapp would be phenomenal (and be set outside of Apple’s “walled garden”).

Even more phenomenal would be a special webapp for made especially for mobile Safari (i.e., iPhone & iPod Touch). This version could then take advantage of the iPhone’s native UI elements, use HTML5, and (fingers crossed) use HTML5’s the ability to store data locally (ala VoiceCentral’s BlackSwan for Google Voice)—the app could then (possibly) be both downloaded to the phone for some offline access and have user’s personal data kept completely in the cloud.

Essentials (for either the universal or iPhone versions) (for me) would include the ability to:

    • Lock the app with a passcode
  • Update, add to, and edit my transactions on-the-fly (not merely

view them like Quicken Mobile). This would include being able to

  • adjust an existing transaction (e.g., set the category, change the name, adjust the amount, etc.),
  • plan for/add new future transactions (so as to see their effect on the overall budget while I’m staring at something new and shiny on a shelf), and
  • (hopefully at somepoint in the future) update my accounts and auto-add new transaction data (ala Mint.com). (Yes, I know I shouldn’t hold my breath right now for this one.)
  • View my transactions according to:
  • Time (views listed in order of importance/preference):
  • Weeks (showing high and low balances): View 7 days at a time (as eitherschedule or list) with individual daily balances, probably best implemented in a landscape layout (I’d like to see if I buy this item on Monday, will that put my weekend plans in jeopardy)
  • Days: view all transactions (both name and amount) for one day.
  • Months (showing high and low balances): View 30(ish) days at a time (as a list/spreadsheet with running daily balances (like a you’d see in checkbook register). Also helpful: transactions color-coded by category
  • Groups (viewed as lists or the “Week”/schedule view):
    • Individual transaction: show account name, date, transaction name, amount, category, type
    • Individual category: show transactions (date, name, amount; account, type)
    • Individual accounts: show categories, transactions (date, name, amount; type), budgets
    • Planned transactions: show categories, transactions (date, name, amount; account, type)
  • Budgets: I’d like to be able to plan out next summer’s vacation, next month’s birthday presents, next week’s date night, and tomorrow’s incedentals all from my phone. (Note: I don’t remember right now if the desktop webapp has the ability to set budget amounts both globally and by account, but either way, this would be nice)
    • Per Category: show transactions (date, name, amount; account, type; planned and past), months, weeks, paychecks (2-week spans), year
    • Per Month: show categories, transactions (date, name, amount; account, type; planned and past)
    • Per Paycheck: show categories, transactions (date, name, amount; account, type; planned and past)
    • Per Year: show categories, transactions (date, name, amount; account, type; planned and past)
    • Per Week: show categories, transactions (date, name, amount; account, type; planned and past)
  • …Also, be downright sexy in its UI/UX design, of course.  ;)

Yes, sorry, I probably got a little carried away, but I just want to help.  ;D