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I haven’t seen any errors like this. Are you running on a slower machine perhaps?

Yeah, she’s getting a bit long in the tooth.  Still, I don’t see issues like this with other websites. 

Script warnings are based on timers – if a script takes too long to run this message would appear. Have you been able to determine what activity you are doing in CalendarBudget that causes this warning?

There isn’t one particular activity.  It just seems to build over time as I use the site.  I tend to work on the budget for a couple hours at a sitting,  and the number of changes I make seems to add up over time as far as moving data back and forth.


Just for fun yesterday, I tried using Opera again, and damned if it doesn’t work!  And it doesn’t seem to suffer from the same issues as Chrome.  I can make as many changes as I like with very little difference in page updates.

So!  I sort of kind of solved my own problem.  I’ll be using Opera (my preferred browser o/) for the foreseeable future.  No hurry on the script performance enhancers Eric. :)

Thanks for the inquiry though.  Greatly appreciated!!