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Eric Poulin
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We’ve considered adding more calendaring features to CalendarBudget, but then we figured competing with Google Calendar is crazy, especially since they already have lots of really great features.  Duplicating some of their functionality feels like overkill. 
There are times when I want to combine my calendars, but, having used CalendarBudget (in its various stages) for more than 8 years, I am not too concerned about combining regular calendaring features with CalendarBudget for the following reasons:

  • Regular calendaring has its own set of features and problems to overcome.  I don’t want to dilute the main purpose of CalendarBudget (either through branched features or development effort), which is to help people manage their money
  • For the few times I really want to have a reminder in CalendarBudget, you can just create an entry for $0, which serves the same purpose, still allows reminders, and doesn’t affect your numbers in any way

There are a few other smaller reasons not to focus on calendaring, but these above are the main ones.  We never wanted to be a calendaring tool – just saw a HUGE need in managing personal finances and took action.  We adopt the calendaring functions needed to satisfy the budgeting and money management need, but otherwise, at least for the moment, we want to stay focused on the goal.