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Eric Poulin
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I have a concern with adding to the transaction types.  I don’t want to overload the meaning of the regular entry dialog.  Currently its to enter a transaction.
I think it would be confusing to use that same dialog to enter bank holidays.  Rather, I think this should belong under the setup menu on the toolbar, since it represents a global configuration for all of your accounts.

Since the greatest number of my users are from US and Canada, I think it does make sense to maintain a list for those 2 countries and make it easy for the majority of users.  I think I’ll use that as the “base” of a system that users can customize.  So, as we discussed earlier in this thread, you can use these default values to seed your bank holiday list – or you can totally customize it.

You’re right about the existing repeating entries that will need to be mass-adjusted.  But – luckily it will just be a one time hit to the system.