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The printing is more for an overview of the current month instead of having to go on the PC, even if it’s printed on the 1st and not updated during the month. It could be used to jot down expenses quickly before doing an update on the PC, and to remind yourself that “oh sh*t, I have a chiro appointment, I need to take out money to pay him today”.

I see it as looking a lot like a normal looks like – black boxes with the date and entries in them. The entries don’t need to be highlighted but at least underlined to easier identification. Right now it’s obvious that it’s a calendar but hard to see because there are no separating lines between the dates, and the entries are just text without formatting, meaning it’s just a bunch of floating numbers and text.

Personally, I don’t mind if empty columns are narrower, but for me that’s not generally sunday (feb and march, that`s the 1st and the 15th, dates full of payments) or saturday (groceries, weekly gas, etc). It would probably be easier just to have it nice and equal all around. Right now though the most wasted space is with the categories on the left, as well as the big margins (not forgetting the menu on the top-right). Also if I print background colors and pictures, the calendarbudget logo repeats itself all over the place.