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I’ve just had another flash for this idea, tell me if it’s feasible or completely off-track.

Why not treat these debts as an account? I’m going to try this manually, I created a “Visa” account where I put my original debt to start with (a negative number). I then will start indicating that I’m doing “payments” by transfering money to this account, and payments or purchases made on Visa will simply be taken from the Visa account. When I am paying my Visa bill then, I simply make a transfer to the Visa account and the negative number is reduced!

Each entry could show more details related to what they entail in terms of “loss” (interest fees) over time, a nice indicator that you’re not helping yourself by having a credit card or margin…

To complete this, it would need to tack on the interest rates automatically (where here I will add them manually), and possibly the 9 account cap would have to be “fixed” (I know this required a lot of coding for you though) – unless they are actually treated as a “Credit Account” which would be different than actual bank accounts.

What do you think?