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Eric Poulin
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I’d love to do that, and we hope to automate the import even more in the future… but there is a problem using the same wizard.
During account setup, you have a clean slate, there are no entries on the account calendar, so we just import everything.
However, the problem with an existing account is… you have existing entries, probably in the future also, which need to be merged (reconciled) with the incoming import data. Dragging one at a time allows the reconciling to happen since you can visually see whats happening.

If we can figure out a good way to solve this problem, we’ll automate it further.  In fact, once we figure that out, we are hoping to add an account aggregator, which will (optionally) go directly to your online bank account and perform this merge while you sleep every day.  However, we’re easily 6 months away from that — assuming we can even come up with a design to overcome this problem of overwriting/merging existing plans.

If you have some ideas about how to solve this puzzle, we are happy to hear them. :)