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I am still having problems with this. If you could please help me figure out why the application will not reconcile my account I would greatly appreciate it. After starting over and recreating a full month’s transactions I got it to reconcile that time, but now it won’t agree with itself. I decided to reconcile more often, like every week to keep up and make the work less daunting. Every time I try it tells me that the account was not in balance before the day I start, no matter where I start! I even tried to go back to the beginning, which it agreed to last time, and it won’t agree to that. I have checked every transaction and they are all correct. The reconcile tool simply will not add up.

I love the concept for this application, but either I am not understanding some functionality, or there is a flaw in the reconcile function. The end balance does not match the end balance from my bank. I cannot seem to make the application accept it.