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Hi Eric,

It happens on all the rows for me, not just the last one. Prnt Screen doesn’t work, it doesn’t grab the mouse. I just installed a trial for SnagIT, tried to capture an area… and for some odd reason, in the screenshot the mouse is fine.

Actually, it’s not that the icons and selections are at the wrong place – it’s that the mouse itself moves up and left. I can see it “jump” when I hover over the calendar. I’ve noticed it is correctly placed on non-repeating entries, and “between” dates (in the 1-2 px between), so it’s definitely the custom mouse pointers that are causing this.

What it looks like (and this may be completely off track) is as if your mouse pointer was a transparent gif or png that had a padding of 25px right and bottom, and your javascript to replace the pointer icon was putting it at the wrong place. That doesn’t explain why it looks fine in SnagIT when I take the screenshot though!

Anyway, I can’t give you a real screenshot but this is a mockup (not my data, this is the “Demo” data!):

As for the bottom row, I’ve noticed that before, the actual day goes “down” some 10-15px, and in my case the cursor is still higher: