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I just had a thought in regards to the child ones… Evidently this is a hard thing to manage, but maybe you could treat orphans not as true separate entities, but rather as “transposed” entry. Say you have a regular payment on each second friday, but because of an event you know is going to happen in the future, one of those payments will be on the Thursday instead, and the amount will be $50 less.

Instead of separating the entry, it could be still part of the recurring series, however it would be transposed one day before and the amount added $50. So the default values of any given recurring series is always +0days, +0$, but one particular entry could have -1days, -50$ and another one be +3days +150$ for example.

Then, changing the series would change the default values, but the transpositions would still hold… I’m not sure how these exceptions could be handled, perhaps a notification mechanism asking you to review changes. I was actually thinking that a separate “notification” page might be an idea for other things…

You could have a page that would indicate things like:

  • [!] Your

XYZ Internet bill is overdue” (see my bills payment thread :P)

  • [!] The Apr 13th to Apr 18th dates show negative balance
  • [!] Changes in your recurring Cash Return series caused an orphan entry in July 2010 to be affected
  • This would give an overview of things that require a user’s attention, giving them even more control over what’s happening. That page could be used for other things such as hints & tips and other interesting but not critical stuff.