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I’m SUPER happy with the improvements you guys have made, but I would follow up with two points:

1. The notes icon should be associated with the label (it’s a descriptor) not the amount. Really, notes are just a continuation of the title so having the icon appear at the END of the title (instead of in front of the amount) makes WAY more sense. I had a hard time finding where you guys had put it once I realized these changes were in place (since I don’t have that many items with notes).

2. The incomplete icon should NOT be a check mark grayed out or otherwise — this is unclear, mixed-message interface. Either leave it as an empty spacer, or better yet, switch to the empty circle icon as I recommended. I didn’t even notice the change until I tried to remove the completed icon on an item and ended up adding and removing it several times thinking there was a glitch/bug before realizing you guys had implemented some of my suggestions. I imagine there will be plenty of other users out there with the same annoyance, and the text (icon) is just too small in this instance for such a subtle difference to register effectively.