If only Tom Hanks had the CalendarBudget online budgeting tool.

I’m happy to be back writing to you from almost a full week silent in bed sick.

I found this funny clip of a classic movie “The Money Pit”.

Tom Hanks had a great attitude to just laugh at the list of mishaps that could have otherwise put him in a fit of rage. He could have been more aware, from the beginning, and avoided the stress/hard long work hours/money pit (seemingly endless expenses).

With a proper inspection done before purchasing the house (by a professional house inspector), he would see the areas in need of repair on the house. He could then analyze if he had enough money to complete the job (taking into consideration how long it would take to do, expertise needed, and cost for materials/expertise/daily living expenses). Then decide after considering all those things for whatever reason, if it was still worth the money.

Friends of mine decided to buy a fixer-upper. Their issues weren’t as large as the ones Tom Hanks and Shelley Long went through, but they found humor was the best way to handle the more difficult situations. They had a 16-foot piece of wallpaper they were putting on the ceiling and were almost at the end of the strip. When they turned around they began to laugh because the other end of the strip of wallpaper was down on the floor again. They

Deciding to repair or buy a new car is easier with online budgeting tools

When my husband and I were still dating he left his little hatchback car with me while he went away for two years. While he was gone the car broke down and I was left to decide whether it was worth the money to investigate and try to repair it or invest that money in buying a used car instead. There were so many things to take into consideration and I found it quite a difficult decision. I went to his parents and my parents for their input to know the best choice. I eventually decided that the money was better spent on buying a new car. I figured it would be a money pit/waste to put any more money into the little hatchback.

I’ve mentioned in a past blog (see Pressure Sales No Way) where my husband and I fell for a money pit vacation package that we quickly realized we weren’t going to use and so ended the contract. That was a lesson well learned that unfortunately we chose to learn the hard way and should have followed our gut feeling in the first place.

What have you done to avoid or overcome money pits in your life? 

Money pits become a lot less frustrating if you use an online budget tool to decide if the purchase is worth it. Available on Google Play and the App Store, the CalendarBudget online budgeting tolls also very secure.